Scarlet Witch by Neal Adams

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  1. Neal Adams was a god to me. I never actually had the honor of meeting him in person, ( it’s just as well- if I had’ve, I would have undoubtedly geeked out all over him, as I once did to William Shatner ) but Neal Adams was to me what Michael Jordan and the late Dr. Martin Luther King is and were to blacks. ( Stan Lee and Lee Majors also fall into this category ) His work on ‘Batman’, ‘The Brave and the Bold’, ‘The Avengers’, ‘Green Lantern/Green Arrow’, and, above all ELSE, his 1969 run on ‘The X-Men’ have all left me profoundly shaped. His take on the beauteous Scarlet Witch here strikes me as a bit on the conservative side. That’s okay, but I normally associate Wanda with EXTREME sensuality and sexiness. My heart actually bled for her back in the early days when she was indentured into the Brother of Evil Mutants, with scum like Mastermind and the Toad constantly creeping on her. I have always interpreted her own brother Quicksilver’s psychotic attentions to her to be a bit unsettling. Beauty can be a curse, but, if I were a chick, I would prefer extreme beauty over WEALTH. A beautiful woman can always parlay beauty into wealth, ( Rihanna, Beyonce, Cindy Crawford, etc. ) but a woman WITHOUT beauty, in THIS world, is LOST. So- Neal- nice work on my favorite witch, and thanks for showing us her camel-toe!! Excelsior!


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