AVENGERS #218 (1982)

In today’s bleak, cynical, seen-it-all world, the above “suicide” sequence might seem ho-hum, but trust me: At the time it was pretty controversial and impactful. 

This issue is about a kid who can’t die. After he shoots himself, this happens:

It’s turned the kid into a bit of a brat.

He also interrupts Iron Man, Thor, and Cap while they are moving machines.

The resolution is pretty cool, but I’m not going to spoil it for you. The kid is never seen again (missed opportunity!), so this tale doesn’t matter much. But it’s a great read.

Plus: A cameo by Oliver and Hardy.

3 thoughts on “AVENGERS #218 (1982)”

  1. I remember this issue, a spinner rack pick at the drugstore for me. The whole idea of exploring the “downside” of immortality really was an interesting take. Plus, as a young reader, I was just starting to understand the different visual styles being used by inkers, and I was fascinated by the way the inker was able to copy Bob Layton’s Iron Man armor style.

    • I miss spinner racks–the days when people bought comics simply to read them, not for investment and not as rabid collectors. When I would buy comics on sight, just because I liked the cover or was curious about the character–because a comic was a quarter not five bucks.


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