Marvel Comics Presents #137-142 (1993): Wolverine and Doc Samson

As part of his “I’m everywhere all the time” campaign, Wolverine happens to be on a desert island vacation.  Again.  He was just on vacation last story, when he got attacked by Cyber.  I guess that one was ruined so he’s trying again.  Guess what?  It gets ruined again.

Putting to one side the Africans with stereotypical bones in their noses, at least there’s a blue gorilla with a machine gun.  Wolverine kills him.

And then, in a bizarre turn of events, Doc Samson shows up under mind control.  They fight each other.  Then, they fight aliens.

This is the kind of wild, unpredictable (and bizarre!) story that makes comic books so much fun.  This kind of frivolous, wild fighting was huge in the 1970s, but the ‘90s are about being “dark” and “real.”

So this is a nice change of pace.

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