Iron Man #276-277 (1992)

During the last arc, we got teased about the coming of Black Widow, and that happens now.  She wants Iron Man to help deal with a Soviet spy.

And she rides in a pod on his back.  (Why is her costume green????). There’s a lot of this—Iron man literally carrying Black Widow throughout the mission.  It’s undignified for a spy of her ability.

Of course they’re successful in foiling the dastardly plot.

Widow deserves better than this.  She’s wholly unimportant to the story.

Real-life President George Bush the First appears.

On the letters page…

…We are told that John Byrne is resigning, and we’re told that Len Kaminsky is a good replacement because he wrote a “well-received” Quasimoto story.

Really?  I don’t think there’s such a thing as a “well-received” Quasimoto story.

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