DAREDEVIL #48 (1969)

Karen Page returns–and Matt realizes how much she loves him.  A nice, big, romantic kiss.  Even the lettering is great.

Then Stilt Man returns and DD buttpunches him.


Also in this issue, Foggy Nelson becomes the DA so the Murdock-Nelson law partnership splits up.  Again.  And not for the last time.

The Karen Page romance is one of the best in all comics, especially how it progresses over the next 200 or so issues.  But Matt and Foggy’s relationship is probably the most tumultuous and best bromance.  The original DD run was some of Stan Lee’s best work, at least in terms of complexity, and that tone tended to stay with the character throughout his history.  He brings out the best in most writers.  With some exceptions, his book is one of the most consistently good across all decades.

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