CHAMPIONS #5-6 (1976): 1st Rampage

Angel becomes The Champions’ Tony Stark, i.e., their rich benefactor.

Some really fun character moments, but it takes two issues to beat a lame villain in an exoskeleton named Rampage.

He injures Ivan Petrovitch, Black Widow’s Russian handler and close friend.

Rampage also captures Angel.


Rampage really shouldn’t pose such a problem.

In the end, he kills himself to avoid prison.

So let’s get back to those character moments. First, Angel inherits millions and reacts by throwing the pages of the will in the air. 

As soon as he offers to fund the team, if Natasha leads it, Ivan has some (pretty wise) advice for Black Widow.

I like that we’ll get a female-led team, and that many issues of Champions will be dedicated to fleshing out Widow’s past and character traits.

Finally, Hercules plays football. 

Or, more precisely, he dares a football team to try to stop him from getting a touchdown.

Naturally, they can’t.

1 thought on “CHAMPIONS #5-6 (1976): 1st Rampage”

  1. When I came into my own inheritance earlier this year, ( certainly not a Worthington-sized fortune, but it’s nice ) I announced my good fortune to friends and acquaintances by having several full-sized, fully-colored photostat copies of the panel where the Angel tosses his copy of his father’s will into the air while declaring “I’m RICH!!!!” made up and sent to them. Funny thing about it: When I first read this story back in 1976, I always KNEW my time to do that would come, regardless of whether I inherited wealth, or earned it. I’m not sure which method is more fun- I suppose there is great satisfaction in earning wealth, but inheriting it is fun, too, because, well, let’s face it- working sucks!!! Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Charles Xavier, and Warren Worthington have all at various times made inherited wealth look like a HELL of a lot of fun! ( and it IS!! ) Dividend: The Angel also inherited his family’s membership into the Hellfire Club! THAT’S gotta be sweet! ( now that the Angel has long-since returned to the X-Men, I wonder if the Hellfire Club has rescinded his membership-??! Holy conflict of interest!! ) Anyway, as for the rest of ‘Champions’#5, I have to agree with Mr. Ekko that it should not have taken four Champions two entire issues to take down this fourth-rate Iron Man. Hercules alone should have been able to handle this guy. Remember, Rampage was not a seasoned supervillain- this was his very first, well, “rampage”. I could see how that battle-suit would give the three remaining Champions a hard time, but NOT Hercules. Hercules is BAD- he’s essentially the Incredible Hulk, but with brains. Look how easily he shut down Wolverine in the 1980 Marvel Winter Olympics Super-Special. Look at how he nearly killed the Ghost Rider, of all people, when Blaze had the poor judgement to attack him in ‘Champions’#10. Nooooooo, no! You just don’t shit with the Lion of Olympus! Even the Hulk and Thor have learned that the hard way a few times! Furthermore, I totally agree with Herky that “There be NO quest that Hercules would not dare for a leader such as THIS!!”, referring to the stunning Black Widow, especially when she is rendered by George Tuska or John Byrne, and inked by Vinnie Colletta! A grade of “D+” is a bit harsh for an issue so laden with so many great character moments! I would give it a “B”! Ta-Ta for now!


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