Uncanny X-Men #246-247 (1989): Nimrod and Master Mold fused

In typical Claremont fashion, these issues have one big story with lots of 2-to-4-page check-ins.  Dazzler is contemplating her possible futures using The Siege Perilous—the magical object named after Arthurian legend that serves as a portal to alternate reality versions of X-Men.  Wolverine requests a leave of absence to go do his solo book (yeah, Chris Claremont actually tried to explain where all the Wolverine stories fit—in the later 1990s he’s in every book and everyone just assumes he has endless time to be everywhere).  Jubilee is still living at the X-Men’s Australian hideout, and the X-Men don’t know who she is or that she’s hiding there…

And then there’s the main story…

Rogue is still moping about having taken Carol Danvers’ personality from her before her conversion from evil mutant to X-Man.  Much of her remorse is due to Danvers’ personality now being strong enough to control Rogue’s body at time.

She’s talking about it with Psylocke when Nimrod returns.

He’s killing criminals and taking their money, and has a secret identity as a construction worker.  

I’m not clear on why.  Anyway, the construction job he’s on uncovers a piece of Master Mold.

It is immediately taken over over by Nimrod’s tech-based abilities.

And we’ve got a fight!  And Rogue is so enmeshed with Danvers that she’s wearing a Ms. Marvel costume!

Interesting to have both Nimrod and Rogue being overtaken by another personality (Master Mold and Carol Danvers).

Storm throws Colossus at him.

During the fight, Senator Kelly’s wife is killed by Master Mold but, of course, the Senator blames The X-Men—so once again the team is on a governmental shit list.  He vows to re-energize the Sentinel program.

The hybrid is defeated when Rogue absorbs Colossus’ armor and crashes into the Moldy Nimrod, shunting all three of them into the Siege Perilous.

Meanwhile, Nanny and Orphan Maker are watching the team.

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