ASTONISHING TALES #12-13 (1972): 1st Man-Thing in Color

The second appearance of Man-Thing and the first that is clearly in continuity.  The character debuted in a generic, black and white monster story in Savage Tales #1.

His first adventure features Ka-Zar and A.I.M.  First, he and Ka-Zar meet…

Then AIM captures the Man-Thing, and Ka-Zar goes on a search-and-rescue with Bobbi Morse (future Mockingbird).

Ka-Zar is infiltrating AIM, without subtlety, when Man-Thing literally bursts in like the Kool Aid man. (Hence the tag, Hey! Kool Aid! below.)

Big explosive happy ending, AIM’s base is blown up, and Man-Thing can return to living in peace.

Len Wein and Neal Adams do a little flashback in the middle of the story as well, in back and white and yellow.

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