UNCANNY X-MEN #183 (1984)

In this issue, Colossus finally dumps Kitty Pryde after several issues of hand-wringing about it.  He fell in love with an alien girl while he was away at the Secret Wars, and for some reason that means he can’t be with Kitty anymore.  I guess he can only love one woman in his lifetime?   


I love the way the panels get smaller, closing in, while the “camera” draws out.  Great technique by John Romita, Jr.

Obviously Kitty is heartbroken.

Wolverine wants to teach Pete a lesson about loyalty. Violently. So he takes Colossus to a bar, to whip his ass.

But when an old X-foe shows up, Wolverine decides to have fate punish Colossus and lets him fight Juggernaut by himself.

It’s a great fight.

I love this issue. It’s got real romantic sensitivity and tough, toxic masculinity.

It’s one of the best single-issue stories of all time. For more, go here and check out this list.

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