CAPTAIN MARVEL #12-13 (2000-2001): 1st Una- and Zey-Rogg

This is such a good comic. There’s not much point in discussing all the interactions between Rick, Lorraine the Ghost, Marla and Genis Vell, but they’re hilarious. So is Drax, stuck in the Microverse playing cards with the Micronauts.

The series also makes the best out of the Maximum Security event by introducing two Kree siblings, Una and Zey-Rogg, who are imprisoned on Earth and decide to try to unite all the criminals.

Then they see a flyer. Genis Vell is signing comic books at the store Rick and Marla work out, so the Kree criminals decide to attack him–believing that the original Captain Marvel killed their father. (They’re from a long line of criminals, apparently.)

Una Rogg is a mutant Kree who can absorb men’s life essences by kissing them. Hence, the image on the cover of issue #13, above. She uses it on a human who hits on her and who I’m pretty sure is supposed to be Kevin Smith, who wrote Daredevil around this time.

Anyway, he looks a bit like Kevin so I choose to think that’s who it is.

The fight between Genis Vell and the aliens goes on merrily for most of these two issues, until some Kree bloodhounds arrive and snatch up the siblings.

They’ll return, though.

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