Moon Knight #12 (1981):1st Morpheus

Moon Knight takes on a man who can’t sleep, which gives him the power to influence (but not read) peoples’ minds while they sleep, which, in turn, gradually changes his appearance until it becomes grotesque.

It’s the first appearance of minor Moon Knight villain Morpheus.

Moon Knight gets involved when Marlene’s brother gets hit with a sleeping sickness.

Moon Knight’s initial encounter with Morpheus reveals the villain’s true power.

It’s humbling for the hero to get his head handed to him. Especially in front of his woman.

And if losing to the enemy wasn’t bad enough, Moon Knight finds himself outmaneuvered by the police as well…

I love how pulpy this comic is, even when it has a super-powered enemy.

And then in the end, Moon Knight is better prepared and wins the day.

Another outstanding issue.

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