Night Thrasher #6 (1994)

Look!  It’s a ripped-from-the-real-world’s-headlines story that, on the splash page, is ripped-from-the-comic-book-universe’s-headlines!

This story seems to be based on the Howard Beach incident that happened in New York City, when a black kid was beaten to death for the “crime” of walking around in a white neighborhood.

However, ponderously, it ends with a black gang killing a white, Jewish man in retaliation.  Not only did this never happen in the context of Howard Beach (or, in fact, in the context of most white-on-black crimes), but telling a story where it happens is a false narrative that attempts to achieve “balance” by misrepresenting the position of racial minorities in a society where most of the resources—including law enforcement—are controlled by the white population. All just to create a narrative “twist.”

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