Silver Sable is hired to test a rich dude’s security systems, but it ends up being a plot to try to assassinate her.  Spider-Man figures it out and they team up.

David Michelinie wrote more Spider-Man comics than just about anyone.  He’s right up there with Stan Lee and Dan Slott in terms of longevity.  And yet, it was all erased by “One More/Brand New Day.

Still, these early issues, with Pete and MJ married, are fun to read.

peter parker and mary jane married moving furniture

Nice comics.

Throughout the issue, this old dude keeps trying to find Peter Parker, showing up at his house, his job, etc.  At the very end, he finally catches up with Peter and offers him a job as Chief Assistant for a scientific research company.

This is the last issue with the old Romita, Jr., corner box. Next issue, Todd MacFarlane draws a new one…

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