AVENGERS WEST COAST #69 (1991): 1st Pacific Overlords


Okay, so I saw the splash page, above, and thought: When did Hawkeye get metal gloves?  How could he possible shoot arrows with those big clunky things on his fingers?  It looks ridiculous!  Then, on page 2, USAgent said what everyone was thinking….


So basically, West Coast Avengers sucks now but it’s only good when it’s laughing at itself.

The two go at it for a bit.

US Agent basically tries to literally kill Hawkeye. I mean, so we believe him when he says, “I thought there’d be a ledge?” I don’t.

As a result of the fighting, there’s a leadership and lineup change.

That’s most of the comic. At the end, they set up the next story by introducing some guys who were mutated by Doctor Demonicus. There’s the standard “strong thug” called Jawbreaker…

…A low-rent version of Storm…

And the field leader, named after a role in Kabuki…

They’re in a loose organization called the Pacific Overlords. They’ll be around for a bit, so I’m tagging them as individuals but I’m not creating a team tag for their band.

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