VAMPIRE TALES #2-5, 7-8 (1973-1974): Morbius Story Only

Morbius is the headliner of this magazine.

It’s a little tough to write this issue up because the Morbius part is a 6-part tale that runs from this issue to #5, skips issue #6, then finishes in #7-8.

In issue #2, he fails to save a woman named Amanda Saint from being killed by a Satanic cult. He flies off at the end, sad that he couldn’t rescue her. In later issues, he goes after the cult.

The story features some interesting art (Rich Buckler and early work by legendary inker Klaus Janson, above), but it’s got different artists across the span of the tale so it is uneven.  And the story itself is dull: He fights a blood cult.  The cult has their own vamp, Bloodtide, who is just in this story and never seen again.

It’s got some solid art but…It’s just okay.

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