X-FACTOR #143-149 (1998): Series Ends

Travelling to our time from the future by possessing people living in the current timeline, Xavier’s Underground Enforcers try to change the timeline by stopping Havok from stopping Dark Beast from doing bad experiments on people, including Aurora of Alpha Flight. Shard, a living hologram of Bishop’s sister–who is also from the future–tries to stop XUE from stopping Havok from stopping Dark Beast. Mystique, for unclear reasons, decides to help XUE.

The crew ends up traveling to the future with Shard and XUE (who are all friends now) to fix damage done to the timeline in the present by Dark Beast who was from the Apocalypse timeline and who Shard had been trying to stop but failed but also who XUE was trying to help and … failed?

The alliances in these issues are clear as mud, but from what I can tell we end up with Havok disbanding his new Brotherhood and forming a new team of future freedom fighters or something like that.

Then Madrox returns and joins the new team, but then sees what a shitshow it all is and quits again, deciding to wait until Peter David starts writing this book again and it goes from something terrible to pure brilliance.

You know what, I’m just gonna barrel through to issue #149, which is the last issue of this series and which leads directly into the Mutant X series–yet another alternate timeline–where Havok finds himself after he seems to die in the final panels of this series.

If you care about ANY of this, then you’re a true ’90s Marvel Xverse fan and we don’t have much to discuss.

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