MOON KNIGHT #29-30 (1983): Werewolf; Sienkiewicz’s last issue

One of my favorite covers ever. This one isn’t too shabby, either.

Marc Spector is finally reuinited with the man who helped him start his career as a marvel hero: Jack Russell, Werewolf by Night. 

I love how Moon Knight remembers his old look.


And comic book fans get a truly scary looking Werewolf. That’s nice, too.

Russell is being pursued by The Committee–the bad guys who originally hired Moon Knight to kill Werewolf in Moon Knight’s first appearance.

Sadly, these are Bill Sienkiewicz’s last issues.

Such a great kinetic artist. The issue ends with Werewolf running off into the night, just as Sienkiewicz is also leaving us…

Doug Moench will stay on as writer a little longer.  The book’s level of quality sinks without Sienk, first gradually, then steeply when Moench leaves.  It will be cancelled with #38.

There is a back-up feature in #28 that’s not worth discussing. I’m assuming it’s an attempt by Marvel to figure out if anyone other than Moench/Sienkiewicz can make this character work. Symbolically, his identities fight.

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