AVENGERS #200 (1980)

Avengers #200 is one of the most controversial issues of the entire series.  It’s the one where Ms. Marvel is raped, gives birth to, and then marries her son. It sounds stupid, but I actually dug this book in a wild, weird way.  I know it’s sexist and gross and all, but I guess I just have poor taste.  In the eyes of some–like author Jim Shooter–it’s so bad, he’s actually disavowed having written it.

For obvious reasons, it’s one of the most written-about issues of the series.  It starts with a pretty standard scene: Men outside the delivery room, pacing.  Ms. Marvel has the child, and it quickly starts to age.

But nobody other than Ms. Marvel seems to recognize that this thing is not a normal child.  Oddly, we learn how she feels about it while seeing her pose in her post-birth body before the mirror.  Her figure certainly has bounced back fast.  Wonder Man thinks she should see her new child and, like I said, she seems to recognize that it’s something other than normal.  Meanwhile…

Meanwhile, we get a neat little moment with Hawkeye using his abilities to crush Beast at pool until Beast uses his knowledge of physics to skunk him.

Anyway, her child, Marcus, becomes a brown eyed handsome man and Ms. Marvel forgets that he raped her, forgets that she gave birth to him, falls in love and runs away with him.

So, she quits the team.



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