MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #123-130 (1993): Ghost Rider and Typhoid Mary

Typhoid Mary puts a beat-down on some rapey mall cops, and then Ghost Rider punishes her for for hurting them. After hitting her with his penance stare, Typhoid’s “Mary” personality takes over, which means Ghost Rider put the hurt on an innocent person. Which is completely against his mission.

But this kind of interesting idea is not explored. Instead, Typhoid comes after Ghost Rider for revenge, but then realizes that he, like her, is a force for vengeance.

I wish Nocenti had stayed with innocence/vengeance dichotomy inside both characters, and how it affects Mary’s split personality and Danny Ketch’s transformations into Ghost Rider (which only occur when real vengeance is due), but the story deteriorates into a bunch of fights and demons and hallucinations.

Graded C+ for the first half, C- for the conclusion, averaging out to a C.

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