Sleepwalker #1-6 (1991): 1st Sleepwalker

A college student gets a hold of an amulet that makes him sleepy and whenever he sleeps a guy who looks like a demon with legwarmers comes out and gets vengeance on people.  It also turns the world into a living nightmare, which means mailboxes eat people.

So it’s basically a cross between Inferno, Nightmare, and Ghost Rider.

Since Sleepwalker is an actual demon who exists without the host/summoner (Rick Sheridan), I could tag this the same way I tag Venom–with a separate tag for Brock and the Symbiote itself. Or like I did Johnny Blaze, who I tagged as Ghost Rider and only tagged Zarathos when the demon appeared outside of Blaze’s body.

But Sleepwalker is much less important or interesting as a character, so I’m tagging them together. So my tagging rules are subject to my whims.

And there’s a villain named 8-Ball who calls the sleepwalking monster “Bugface.” Also, he has a giant 8-ball on his head (reminding me of the Ghost Rider villain, The Orb–another example of how derivative this book is).

I do like that his gang is all poolballs. That’s nice.

This stuff is truly awful.  And Marvel knew it.

That’s why they put a bunch of heroes on the cover to #3—but it’s all in a dream.  Except that in issue #5, the actual Spider-Man fights Sleepwalker.

Holy Hell is this an awful book.  I’m quick-skimming it.

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