It’s been seven years since a Ka-Zar solo book, so Marvel must finally have a good story to tell, no?


Ka-Zar and Shanna have some sex.  Ka-Zar gives her the “it’s not you it’s me” line.

Both are strangely literate, citing philosophers and having a complex discussion.  I thought Ka-Zar was a savage.

Anyway, then Ka-Zar goes looking for the missing Zabu and finds a nice city lady and tries to bang her.  He’s a cad.

Then he tells the story of how he met Zabu, and how the cat raised him since was a little kid lost in the jungle, then he rescues his cat friend from some savages who want to eat him.

Basically, issue #1 is all about Ka-Zar getting pussy.

It’s not terrible, like most Ka-Zar books, but there’s nothing here you didn’t already expect. The art is really good though, and it’s written fairly well.

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