GENERATION X #24 (1997)

The last couple issues had Halloween and Thanksgiving so here we are. Christmas.

This book has broken the fourth wall many times, and the splash page makes it appear to be happening again…

But it’s not.

Emma and the girls celebrate Christmas in Monaco, where, apparently, Monet has a home. To celebrate/bond, they all tell the story of the first time they knew they had powers.

Nice idea for a story.

For Jubilee, it happened while she was skateboarding (illegally) and got chased by mall cops. Monet says her powers made her popular.

But Emplate interrupts the narrative.

It’s a very cool way of reminder us readers that she and Emplate are brothers. Only M can see what’s happening here–another cool way to remind us about her. She’s a little nuts.

Emplate even shares his own pain…

This is the first time we’ve learned that Emplate needs someone to take his place.

Husk’s powers came when she was 13, and her older brother Sam “Cannonball” Guthrie had already manifested his powers. So she was actually looking forward to it, and was grateful.

That’s a fresh take. Mostly, mutants are portrayed as sad they have powers–or their manifestation had a negative affect on their lives. Like Emma’s story:

And we end with a speech…

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