D.P.7 (New Universe) (1986-1989)

Yeah, I’m really reaching here.  I’m including this solely for completist purposes, and I’m admitting that I tried to read this but bailed out after the first couple of issues.  Mostly because of writing like the panel above and below.

Those panels pretty much tell you all you need to know.  “D.P.” stands for Displaced Paranormals and “7” means there’s seven of them.  They got powers during the White Event and were hunted by the government.

It wasn’t good.  Fans didn’t like it.  And yet it survived all the way until 1989—longer than almost any other New Universe title.

And it’s one of the few that are definitely canon because in Quasar #31, writer and creator Mark Gruenwald revived the characters for a single issue, as Quasar goes to the New Universe and meets him.

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