Marvel Team-Up Annual #4 (1981)

Here’s a fun one! Marvel’s main street-fighters team up against Purple Man. Kingpin is also trying to kill him, so the heroes have to protect his life but also stop him from his usual deviltry.

Herb Trimpe is on the art, and he’s an odd pick for a Frank Miller, street-level story. I do love Trimpe on some things, but here he takes what could have been something great and downgrades it to something that’s just really good. It’s not all bad, though. Luke Cage gets his Kool Aid moment.

Nice sound effect!

Purple Man gets Spider-Man to sing Oliver’s Army.

The heroin he’s referencing is Kingpin’s. Hence, Wilson Fisk’s assassination goals.

In their big confrontation, Kingpin proves he has the mental strength to resist Purple Man, who tries to get Kingpin to kill himself. It’s one of several times Killgrave tells people to shoot themselves in this issue.

It ends without a change to status quo for any of the characters involved.

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