CAPTAIN AMERICA #383 (1991): 50th anniversary; 1st Father Time

For this “triple-sized” 50th anniversary, Captain America is taken through time by “father time.”

He’s an Elder of the Universe.

Father Time’s Elder role is to decide who gets to be considered a legend. He sends Cap through time to play dress-up with Bucky…

…meet Nick Fury…

…Fight Nazis….

….and chill with mythical American icons like Johnny Appleseed and Paul Bunyon and Uncle Sam…

I’m tagging this with my tag for appearances by celebrities and historical figures because Johnny Appleseed was a real dude, as was Pecos Bill and a few others who appear.

Then he has cake with his friends.

There’s a Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos backup story from  WW2 by DeFalco and Frenz.

It’s nostalgic. They fight Nazis.

Then a USAgent story by DeFalco, Bagley and Pansonian that goes over the character’s history. Both are meh.

And finally an interlude with Zola and Red Skull, who is now in a Captain America clone body.

If we couldn’t get an important story for his anniversary, we could have at least gotten a good story. In case you forgot: Zola has a henchman called Doughboy.

I like him. He can do stuff. He fights Crossbones.

Turns out, it’s an audition. Crossbones and Red Skull join forces (“Skull and Crossbones”). So, this is kind of the origin of Crossbones.

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