Kevin Maguire–the artist who drew the best Justice League comics ever–takes on Marvel’s first superhero. It’s a retelling of Cap’s origin, decompressed, with a lot more detail. We don’t even see the costume until halfway through issue #2. And Maguire’s Red Skull is downright frightening…

’90s comics are mostly overmuscled men with big guns (especially comics written by Fabian Niceiza!), and that’s not how Kevin Maguire draws, which makes this refreshing.

Sadly, he doesn’t stay for issue #4. But his replacements are pretty good.

And he still does the cover.

You’ve seen most of this content before, but it’s a solid retelling.

2 thoughts on “ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA #1-4 (1991-1992)”

  1. You know what would take this rather pedestrian miniseries up from a “C+” to an “A+”??- that’s right! An EXTREMELY protracted sequence in the Red Skull’s private dungeon where he “disciplines” the lovely fraulein Glass for her complete, utter failure to seduce the Good Captain over to the home team! Whooo-hooooo!!!!


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