Venom: Along Came a Spider (1996): 1st Hybrid

Venom has figured out he can travel over phone lines.

Now that the symbiote has realized it can travel through phone lines, and now that it has a second body as a host, we can have scenes like this.

When the symbiote joins with a person, they share a mind. Now, it’s a three-way share.

And the effects appear to be a bit … sexual.

As you can see from the above, as the point of view pulls away, Ann is at a police station and the cops are trying to use her as bait to catch Venom.

But Venom has other ideas, and travels over the phone line and breaks her out.

This leaves Eddie symbiote-less. So he takes a cab to get to She-Venom.

He also takes a bike.

This is the basic plot. Ann is on a rampage, Eddie is looking for her, and so is Spider-Man. But it’s Ben Reilly. Not the Spider-Man we actually like.

He tries to use a bullhorn as a sound weapon, which is pretty funny.

Nothing gets resolved at the end of this series–Brock/Venom are still on the run and Ann is still hiding from them.

A back-up feature has some scientist working with the symbiotes created during Separation Anxiety. They are fused together to become “Hybrid.” Justice from New Warriors appears as well, because Hybrid will now move to the New Warriors series for a bit.

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