CAPTAIN AMERICA #363-364 (1989)

Captain America goes to Madripoor to find Diamondback.

But Crossbones has her in a bondage fantasy.

Racist? Yes. And very, very dark.

He saves her.

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  1. I have had the great honor of reading almost/pretty much every comic-book ever published- put it like this: If I haven’t read it, it ain’t worth reading- and I am here to tell you, the sequence of events at the Madripporean bordello in this issue is THE sexiest bondage scene ever published in an “above-ground” comic-book! ( sorry, Wonder Woman ) I applaud Gruenwald and Dwyer for having the guts to produce it! Hey, these stories are all about Good Versus Evil featuring some seriously sexy characters, so, frankly, to my mind, it’s amazing to me that this type of thing doesn’t happen to superheroines/supervillainesses much more often! I do recall a similar, and long-overdue sequence from ‘Justice League’ around a decade or so ago, where the Legion of Doom ( yes! The Legion of Doom! No shit!! ) had the fishnet-clad duo of Black Canary and Zatanna strapped to the wall with balls in their mouths! ( you see, both the Black Canary and Zatanna have superpowers which are vocally activated, so, if you bind and gag them, they are totally shut down, and boy, do they both look nice gapped out………..) Anyhow, ‘Captain America’#363 was published in 1988, a much-earlier time, and this sequence was really pushing the envelope for it’s time! It’s amazing that A) This sequence got past the Comics Code Authority, which was still very much a going thing at the time, and B) Poor Rachel actually emerged from this sequence with her virtue intact! One has to wonder what’s going on with ol’ “Bing” in that he didn’t “press his advantage” at this occasion! He’s a superterrorist!! What’s HE got to lose-??? Considering how hard they had been bickering up to that point, you would THINK that he would nail her out of pure spite!!! Anyway………as “dark” as this sequence was, I did NOT see anything “racist” about the portrayal of the house-madam, or any of the other Asian girls in this issue. Hey- just go OVER there! That’s the way women REALLY ARE over in the Far East!!! There’s absolutely nothing “racist” or Politically Incorrect about it!!! Asian hookers are Asian hookers are Asian hookers!! WORD!!!!


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