GENERATION X #59 (2000)

Artie and Leech sneak away from a class trip to NYC, hoping to go find their old pal Franklin Richards.

The rest of the kids have to go looking for them, in pairs. This presents some nice opportunities for character moments. Husk and Chamber just broke up as a couple, so they talk some things through.

Synch and Skin run into both She-Hulk and the New Warriors.

And as for Artie and Leech, they have an adventure with Spider-Man taking on Sandman.

They’ve got image inducers, so they also take a turn cosplaying as Captain America and Thor, and sneak into Avengers Mansion. Jarvis recognizes them as imposters, and Emma comes to collect them, which gives Firestar a chance to confront Emma Frost. Long time coming.

Lots of cameos. Fun issue.

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