Marvel Super Heroes #10-11 (1992): Carol Danvers

Over two issues, Marvel publishes two inventory stories originally intended for Ms. Marvel’s solo series from way back in the ‘70s.  And they know how anxiously you’ve been waiting for it because they put it on the cover. Claremont gets plotting credit because he created the story during his original run.

Technically, these are two individual stories (and should have individual posts) but since they’re both inventory tales from the ’70s, I’m putting them up in one write-up. Also, both involve Mystique’s effort to align Carol Danvers with her Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. But the second story has her as Binary, not Ms. Marvel.

Issue #10 starts with a training session in Avengers Mansion.

Then she fights Sabretooth.

In a subway tunnel.

It’s good. Iron Man helps.

Issue #11 has her against the Brotherhood. Lots of great battles.

It starts with her foiling Donald Pierce, who is smuggling weapons.

Something weird happens to her.

She tears off Pierce’s cybernetic arm.

But can’t defeat Harry Leland.

The Hellfire Club decides to go after her. The Brotherhood attack:

She take down Avalanche and Pyro.

Later, she’s at home and Rogue comes a’callin’.

This is apparently the first time they met?

I like the art here.

Yes. this is the story of what happened right before the amazing Avengers Annual #10, which was the first appearance of Rogue. (That annual is one of the top 10 stories of the ’80s and one of the 100 best single-issue stories of all time.)

And it even ends with a shower scene.

Which stands in contrast to her “feminist” speech, which I presume was necessitated by the fact that she calls herself “Ms.”?

It impresses Tony Stark, anyway.

Of course, he’s frequently a drunken cad.

These are good Claremont/Ms. Marvel stories, but they’re so out of date that they’re hard to follow.

3 thoughts on “Marvel Super Heroes #10-11 (1992): Carol Danvers”

  1. Yes, they are damned hard to follow, and because of Claremont’s relentless Dickensian prose-style, they are about as much fun to read- and as interesting-as any given issue of “The Eternals”/”New Gods”. I am astonished that DC Comics has failed to pursue litigation with Marvel over this character, because the ONLY difference between Marvel’s “Ms.” Danvers and DC’s Miss Danvers is their costumes!! My personal belief as to the reason why this character has failed to take hold with the public is simply because she is ardently feminist to the point of abrasion, ( needs no man for ANY reason whatsoever ) and her power level-just south of the Silver Surfer- again, she’s Supergirl in a different outfit- is utterly unrelatable to either gender of the readership. Remember, Supergirl herself has not had an easy time in the comic-book marketplace. Look at this movie about her that is currently in theaters- ( “The Marvels” ) you have NOT one, NOT two, but THREE awesomely powerful superwomen who are SO powerful and utterly beyond defeat that they are totally unrelatable!! Who needs that-?? Not America, if the box-office returns are any indication! Now, I am not adverse to powerful and capable women-some of my favorites are former Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice, Judge Rhonda Wills, Judge Tanya J. Acker, Judge Lauren Lake, EGOT Jennifer Hudson, and , on the fictional side of things, “Scandal’s” Olivia Pope, the Black Widow, the Invisible Woman, Storm, Psylocke, and the Bionic Woman! So-I am not adverse to the concept of strong, independent women-I just don’t like seeing the concept taken to abrasively exaggerated levels! So, “Ms. Marvel”/”Binary”/”Warbird”/”Captain Marvel” is a big “no” for me. I hope no one out there is offended by my opinions here, but they are what they are. It’s a free country, and the First Amendment is still in full force. At least the grading was correct, here- a “C+” is about as high as I could go on these tales, as well. Thank you for the privilege of your time.

  2. Just for you, I’ll take it in when it hits the dollar-bijou. Which, if current box office is any indication, won’t be much longer.


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