Marvel Super Heroes #10-11 (1992): Carol Danvers

Over two issues, Marvel publishes two inventory stories originally intended for Ms. Marvel’s solo series from way back in the ‘70s.  And they know how anxiously you’ve been waiting for it because they put it on the cover. Claremont gets plotting credit because he created the story during his original run.

Technically, these are two individual stories (and should have individual posts) but since they’re both inventory tales from the ’70s, I’m putting them up in one write-up. Also, both involve Mystique’s effort to align Carol Danvers with her Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. But the second story has her as Binary, not Ms. Marvel.

Issue #10 starts with a training session in Avengers Mansion.

Then she fights Sabretooth.

In a subway tunnel.

It’s good. Iron Man helps.

Issue #11 has her against the Brotherhood. Lots of great battles.

It starts with her foiling Donald Pierce, who is smuggling weapons.

Something weird happens to her.

She tears off Pierce’s cybernetic arm.

But can’t defeat Harry Leland.

The Hellfire Club decides to go after her. The Brotherhood attack:

She take down Avalanche and Pyro.

Later, she’s at home and Rogue comes a’callin’.

This is apparently the first time they met?

I like the art here.

Yes. this is the story of what happened right before the amazing Avengers Annual #10, which was the first appearance of Rogue. (That annual is one of the top 10 stories of the ’80s and one of the 100 best single-issue stories of all time.)

And it even ends with a shower scene.

These are good Claremont/Ms. Marvel stories, but they’re so out of date that they’re hard to follow.

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