CAPTAIN AMERICA #177-178 (1974)

Last issue, Captain America “died,” by which I mean Steve retired from his super-identity. This leaves Falcon as the star of the book.

Lucifer is hired by a Harlem crimelord to fight Falcon.

There’s two of them and one is Aries from the Zodiac Gang. Never mind, it doesn’t matter. This was while the X-Men’s own book was cancelled, so the villain was up for grabs. 

In #177, Falcon fights robots. Steve Rogers helps, but only while wearing a ski mask, since he’s stopped being Captain America.

(Boy. Everyone uses plastic trash cans now. Steve would really have trouble. Kinda like Clark Kent not having phone booths.)

Falcon doesn’t appreciate this–he wants the man in the flag to help protect Harlem, not some honky in a ski mask.

There’s also some Captain America impersonators who pop up.

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