Tales of Suspense #58 (1964): 1st Cap vs Iron Man (Not!)

These issues are the bridge between the Iron Man/Watcher split to the Iron Man/Captain America split.

It’s interesting that, from the very beginning, the characters were pitted against each other.

Except in issue #58, it’s not Cap.

It’s Chameleon. Which is dumb. Chameleon shouldn’t be able to fight Iron Man just because he’s in a Cap costume. Iron Man should have eviscerated him.

Anyway, The Avengers cameo at the end, and Tony Stark feels a little humiliated about being duped so he offers a soliloquy on brains vs violence.

There’s a Tales of the Watcher at the end, but that’s the last one. With issue #59, Marvel cancelled Tales of the Watcher and instead made this an Iron Man/Captain America split book.

Here’s how the “Tales” feature ends…

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