Ms. Marvel #15-16 (1978)

Tiger Shark! 

We haven’t seen him in years!  (Since Sub-Mariner #63, I believe.)

Ms. Marvel gets beat up by Tiger Shark, who kidnaps Namorita and then returns to the watery depths. 

Not content to take a beating and walk away, she goes to Avengers Mansion to get a scuba suit.  But she doesn’t know her own strength and breaks down the door instead.

Okay, that’s a little dumb.  She’s never had this kind of issue controlling her power in the past.  Or, she’s lying but she’s figured out that breaking into the home of the world’s mightiest superheroes was a stupid idea.  Either way, it’s really just an excuse to show her fighting some Avengers for a couple panels.

Side note: How do people keep getting into Avengers Mansion?  It has to be the worst-guarded place in the Marvel Universe!

And speaking of Ms. Marvel not knowing her own strength…

She really pops Aquarian in the jaw! He’s lost and crazy because his minder was Namorita, who just got taken by Tiger Shark (see above).

Back to the story: The Avengers give her the suit, but decide that saving Namorita isn’t a fight they’re going to get involved in.  Even if it means Wundarr will wander around breaking stuff.

So, Ms. Marvel does it on her own.  First she uses science.

Since when is she a scientist?

Then good old fashioned spywork and infiltration.

But she’s tracked by Mystique along the way.

Eventually, she saves Namorita, who goes back to her day job babysitting Wundarr the Aquarian.  (Remember him?  Superman with the mind of a six-year-old?  Yeah, that plotline is still dangling about unresolved.)

Marie Severin appears in the comic, handing in layouts for Woman Magazine to “Gene.”

In the same scene, Carol Danvers gives her super strength away a little bit.

Oh, one more thing: The first appearance of Mystique:

She’s not going by the moniker yet-she’s just a voyeur named Raven, who has been up to vague, shadowy no-goodness.  We’ll see her blue form next issue.

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