Spirits of Vengeance #20-23 (1994): Series Ends; Centurious dies

SoV rolls to its conclusion with Danny Ketch supposedly “dead,” so it’s really “Spirit of Vengeance”—not “Spirits.”

Johnny Blaze avenges the death of Danny and also his circus friends by going after a government installation, where he finds what is left of Steel Wind.


 But Blaze doesn’t kill her—instead, he takes her to see Quinn McIntyre, who gave Johnny the cyberface, thinking maybe Quinn can repair Steel Wind as well.

Along the way, Johnny Blaze (somewhat randomly) fights a child-slavery corporation alongside Cardiac…

…resolves some plotlines for some of his surviving carnie pals, and just generally wastes your time.  Instead of going looking for his children, who were missing in the aftermath of the carnage at the carnival that killed Johnny Blaze’s girlfriend—and the kids’ mom—Roxanne Simpson, he goes after Centurious who, despite having seemed to have died at the carnival battle, is actually still alive.

Centurious mocks Johnny Blaze.  Then his former employee Steel Wind teams up with Blaze, and Johnny shoots Centurious in the face.

Thus killing him.  Again.

 And here’s the last panels, where Johnny finally vows to look for his kids. 

And from here Marvel directly launched into a Johnny Blaze solo book, to tell that tale.

These are some seriously bad comic books. 


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