X-FORCE #110-113 (2001): Rage War

Pete Wisdom is dead, but the team can’t go after his killer because a Russian plot involving mutates called “Warborgs” is afoot.

They’re made from injured soldiers.

Wisdom’s ally Valentina Rychenko is involved, and she learns in this story that Wisdom was killed by Niles Roman.

This is a complex story with lots of twists, so I’m painting with a broad brush. SHIELD is also tracking the Warborgs, and X-Force teams with them. It turns out, Niles Roman is involved in the Warborg technology, so the team goes to the Ural Mountains where Roman has a Warborg farm.

The team is now officially black ops AND badass.

And Proudstar is cool AF. He was nearly killed by the Warborgs, but came back stronger.

Of course, there’s a twist. After battling through the Warborgs, when they finally have Roman in their sights, he reveals that he is actually a hero: Aliens are planning to invade and take over Earth, and Roman’s actions are designed to repel the invasion. They’re not sure whether it’s true, and are debating, when Rychenko betrays them and sets off a bomb.

And they’re all dead.*

*Of course they aren’t.

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