X-FACTOR #74 (1991): 1st Slab

Finally! A focus on one the best characters from Peter David’s X-Factor: Strong Guy. By the end of this issue, we will learn that his power set is

Val Cooper learns that someone has taken people hostage at the Washington Monument, and he’s demanding to fight Strong Guy.

So he does.  He calls himself Slab.

Nice big fight. 

Very funny.

Also, Val hires a lie-detector expert to suss out the real Madrox from the duplicate.  Very smart.  And behind the scenes, Mister Sinister is being dastardly (he’s responsible for Professor Vic Chalker and Slab).

We learn that Sinister not only sent Slab after X-Factor, but also is behind the villain Ricochet–who is a State senator in real life.

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