THUNDERBOLTS #51-52 (2001)

“New beginnings.”

The Thunderbolts have broken up. Now this book is a mishegoss.

Captain America is training some of the younger members, even though they don’t have a team, and a mission comes up that “The Avengers can’t handle” so Cap takes them to Latveria.

Also, as you can see from the cover, the Onslaught Universe continues to encroach on the 616–because Marvel appears unwilling to admit that Heroes Reborn was a mistake. So, the character Rebel crosses over to the 616, with Rikki Barnes and a few others not worth mentioning.

Other members are trying to honor the agreement with the government and get “real jobs” without using their powers. Graviton is lurking about.

The cast of this comic has gotten too big. There are too many storylines. Fabian Nicieza has done some really good work in the past, but these two issues are constant bugaboos for him. It’s what happened on X-Men: He had some really good ideas, but kept getting bogged down in confusing, impenetrable stories.

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