ALPHA FLIGHT #92-94 (1991)

Vindicator is back from the dead, so now he and his former-widow-now-wife-again Guardian are getting reacquainted.  We also learn that the Canadian government and Roxxon Corporation have put mind-control chips in the skulls of all the Alpha Flight members.

At the end of #92, the Fantastic Four figure out that Headlok from West Coast Avengers #10 is in Canada and head up there to take him down.  He mind-controls some members of Alpha Flight so there’s lots of fighting.

His lackeys are called Headbangers.  Seriously.

Awful comic featuring an awful villain from the most awful comic run by Steve Englehart.

How can Fabian Nicieza write shit like this and also produce one of the best comics of 1991, New Warriors?

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