Great idea for an annual: The main team members take on an alien whose attack power is to create illusions of what each character wants more than anything–giving us insight to the stars of this issue. Wolverine wants love (he just got dumped by Mariko and now he’s put his sights on Storm). Rogue wants a Texan deb coming out party, where her powers are neutralized and she can slow dance. Etc.

Speaking of Wolverine wanting love, he does the classic country singer thing and gets drunk in boots while sad about lost love.

He’s always a fun drunk.

The alien enemy is named Horde. We never see him again. He’s got a power gem but it is not an infinity stone. Like I said, it makes your dreams come true.

Rogue wants to be a debutante.

Psylocke becomes a robot. Looks like Jocasta.

The only weakness is that, in the end, Wolverine kills Horde by taking the guy’s power gem off his head–and then wearing it himself, giving him cosmic powers. It’s a little silly.

He doesn’t actually steal the gem, he gets killed and a drop of his blood enables him to regenerate on the gem itself.

He’s never been able to do that before. The limits of his regenerative abilities seem to vary by writer.

All in all, very well done, with awesome art by Alan Davis.

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