THOR #272-278 (1978)

Roy Thomas and John Buscema return to Thor, replacing the Wein/Simonson team.  

What we get is a sprawling epic that starts on Midgard.  It could have been really interesting—the thread that holds it together is a reporter doing a documentary on Asgard, who actually shoots footage there.  Unfortunatley, it’s written by Roy Thomas so…It’s just very text-and-exposition-heavy and never really feels consequential.  

There’s a lot of talk of Ragnarok, but it never really amounts to being Ragnarok.

Oh, and a dude named Norvell uses magic to lift Thor’s hammer and hit Thor with hit.  And when he does so, Thor can’t lift a cat.

It ends with a trial for Loki, who has a lot to do with it, but they don’t seem to explain how Loki got his powers back after Odin banished him.  Or, if they do explain it, I just didn’t have the patience for Roy Thomas’ writing.

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