SILVER SABLE #29-30 (1994)

As far as comics go, Silver Sable’s is pretty good. The stories are pretty self-contained, plenty of action, and the broad cast each have distinct personalities and enough interesting things about them to keep the subplots going.

But there’s not a lot of summarizing to do because the stories are very straightforward. For example, in #29, Sable’s crew spends most of the issue fighting off some graverobbers, but then, at the end, Sable is arrested and charged with murder.

She spends most of issue #30 in self-reflection behind bars while her crew try to find exonerating evidence. And getting beaten up by other prisoners.

Happily, we get one of those pages with a bunch of reactions from the greater Marvel Universe.

I love those kinds of sequences. They were big in the ’80s, but in the super-serious ’90s we don’t see them that often.

She’s exonerated by the end of the arc, but decides to leave the U.S. and run only international missions from her homeland of Symkaria, allowing Sandman to be the new leader of The Intruders (one of her mercenary cells).

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