MARVEL TEAM-UP #3-4 (1972): Human Torch/X-Men

With issues #3-4, Marvel Team-Up transitions from being a bromance Spider-Man/Human Torch book to the fun Spidey+Hero-of-the-month title my generation of readers remembers so fondly. Issue #3 is Spidey and Torch, issue #4 is Spidey and the X-Men.

It starts with someone pulling an unconscious Morbius out of a canal. To thank him, Morbius bites him and turns him into a vampire. At the same time, Morbius’ girlfriend Martine is asking the Fantastic Four for help curing her man.

There’s a recap of Morbius’ history (he’s still a very new character at this point), Torch goes out looking for him. Also, Spider-Man is sick for some reason and we don’t know why.

With the stage set, we get a long fistfight, and Morbius flees.

Issue #4 brings the X-Men (minus Beast) to help Spidey defeat the living vampire.

It also adds Gil Kane as artist–this may be the only time Gil drew the mutants.

I don’t recall Jean having a pencil thin waist and giant boobs.

The X-Men still don’t have a home series–their own book is still running reprints–so Marvel is trying to figure out if they’re worth reinvesting in.

Trust me, they are.

Jean is in college, and that’s Morbius’ feeding ground. The team greets Spidey by attacking him.

After they stop in-fighting, they Morbius fight.

The team captures Morbius and gives both he and Spider-Man a transfusion that cures Spider-Man’s illness and subdues the living vampire, and then Spider-Man kisses Jean Grey.

That’s very odd. He never behaves like that. And look how jealous Professor X is.

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