NOVA #2 (1994): Tailhook

Ripped from the headlines! In 1991, a bunch of sailors and U.S. Marines committed sexual assault on more than fifty women and men in Las Vegas. It was a huge scandal. In this issue of Nova, a woman whose sister was one of the victims–who ultimately killed herself–runs around with a barbed whip killing the perpetrators.

Nova makes a heavy handed speech. It’s actually one of several in this very overwritten series. Tailhook kills herself in the end.

Look, kudos to Marvel for bringing more attention to this terrible series of crimes. It’s not done all that well, but it avoids being cheap and opportunistic.

My favorite thing about his issue is the corner box. In the mid-90s, fewer and fewer books were using it–but not only does Nova have one, it’s a new kind: An open corner box.

Cool. It would change several times across the early issues.

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