Wolverine #54 (1992): 1st time he meets Shatterstar

A fill-in with art by the great Darick Robertson, best known for multiple series he worked on with Garth Ennis, including The Boys.  

It’s a one-off tale with Wolverine first fighting, then teaming, with Shatterstar.  Shatterstar is a relatively new character, and here we see him going to New York City to track down a youth gang that is killing Morlocks.

Wolverine had the same idea.

At this time, Shatterstar is with X-Force and Wolverine is still with the X-Men. They don’t know each other yet.

And we all know what happens when when two heroes meet for the first time.

Turns out, though, that Shatterstar has heard of Wolverine.

Of course he does. Wolverine is in every single 1990s comic, and Shatterstar is from the future. History would have to remember the omnipresent, claw-bearing mutant.

And so, they hunt together.

A fun, albeit unimportant, issue.

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