I guess if you slap Punisher’s name on a comic, you can sell it in 1993. I mean, there’s nothing WRONG with this comic, but do you really care to read a detailed origin of Punisher’s weapon-designing computer nerd?

My guess is that this is a two-issue series because Marvel knew nobody would buy a graphic novel or $5 one-shot, but they could probably get people to buy two single issues at $1.75 a pop.

Here’s the basic story: Microchip was studying at University–and hacking into mafia bank accounts–while Punisher was in boot camp. See that parallel? Pun learns to kill while Micro leans how to support him. Then Micro gets drafted and they briefly meet each other during this time period, and Punisher calls him a girl.

I don’t like that.

Anyway, Frank Castle washes Micro out of service and Micro becomes a professional thief–stealing from criminals. Castle becomes Punisher. And then they meet and begin their beautiful friendship.

There’s a little bit about his son, but honestly nobody has done much with Micro Jr. yet.

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