THUNDERSTRIKE #1 (1993): 1st Thunderstrike and Bloodaxe

I think I speak for all of us when I say, “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????!!!!

Just when you thought it was safe to read Thor because the real Thor returned, the fake Thor gets a new name and a new comic.

Actually, his hammer gets a new name.  And then he takes on the name of his hammer. 

That’s a lot of exposition, Tom, to explain that Thunderstrike (the hammer) is inferior to Mjolnir. I mean, we kinda knew it because it’s Thunderstrike. Nobody gives a crap about anything Thunderstrike-related.

He also gets a new costume.

And he gets his own arch-enemy.

The villain looks vaguely African American, hates it when people get blood on the leather interior, and his name is Carjack. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Oh.  Wait.  Yes there is.

There’s another villain, Jackie Lukus, who was a side character during the Eric Masterson Thor issues.  Now, he’s become Bloodaxe.

Bloodaxe shows up to kill Carjack. So, he’s Punisher-Thor. Every comic needs their own killer vigilante. Bloodaxe is for Thunderstrike.

Masterson tries to stop Bloodaxe from killing Carjack.

What’s going on with that art? It looks like a kids’ cartoon.

Bloodaxe nearly kills Tstrike, but an unseen power blasts him in the chest and he runs away. Thunderstrike thinks maybe it was Thor or Sif, but it wasn’t.

Oh well.  At least Thor might get good again.

Marvel deserved to go bankrupt in the ’90s.

4 thoughts on “THUNDERSTRIKE #1 (1993): 1st Thunderstrike and Bloodaxe”

  1. I don’t know why but Thunderstrike was always a guilty pleasure of mine to read. I never really cared for Thor outside of him being with the Avengers.

  2. The only time I can recall reading Thor during Walt’s run was when Beta Ray Bill made his debut. But, when Bill was done, so was I. Although, I did get the TPB when it came out.


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