THUNDERBOLTS #31-32 (1999)

The Secret Empire is back. You know, those evil dudes who used to cause problems for Captain America?

They want to refresh their mad power grab to control the world. They’re killing and experimenting on civilians.

Savage. They’re clearly supposed to be stand-ins for Nazis, and they’ve created a new beast army called Brute Force.

As it turns out, Charcoal–Thunderbolts’ newest member–used to be part of Brute Force.

The Thunderbolts, with USAgent and The Jury beside them, take them down.\

Citizen V is behind the scenes, taking down Empire leadership.

For reasons we don’t know (yet), she’s been scheming against the T-Bolt team–but when she sees them working against the Secret Empire, she begins to question whether they should be allies instead.

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