Ghost Rider #41-43, Spirits of Vengeance #15-16 (1993): Road to Vengeance; full history of Medallion of Power

Let’s start with the punchline: Blaze and Ketch are brothers.

Everyone we’ve seen in this comic from the first issue is crowbarred in as Lilith and Centurious try to bring back Zarathos, the demon who used to possess Johnny Blaze in the last Ghost Rider series.

We already knew that the Medallion of power was split up and pieces of it were embedded inside various things like Ketch’s bike. But now we know that Danny Ketch and Johnny Blaze each containe a piece of it–which is why they were separated at birth. 

I always thought Johnny Blaze was a lot older than Danny Ketch?

The medallion is what is attracting all the bad guys.  And it’s supposed to be bad to let all the pieces come together, but for some reason it’s okay if Danny Ketch does it.

Lilith and Centurious team up, which leads to the creation of more random Lilin, Blaze and Ketch alternatively get captured and rescue each other, just about everyone shows up (like Vengeance and Caretaker). Caretaker also tells the story of the medallion, so if you care about the history of the Medallion of Power, here it is:

That’s really all you need to know. And from here, we go right into another extended arc called Siege of Darkness.

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