THOR #436 (1991)

In my opinion, The Absorbing Man is the best Thor villain, not Loki.  But Crusher Creel is NOT “uncanny.”  Not sure why they use that adjective on the cover.

This is the first time he meets the new Thor, Eric Masterson, who will later be known as Thunderstrike when the original Thor returns. It’s very confusing. The “identity” of Thor as a standalone vs. when he is wrapped in with a mortal is always confusing.

The story starts with Absorbing Man’s ball, which is trapped in Avengers Mansion and seems to have its own identity.  It wakes up, bouncing around Avengers Mansion, with a quick Captain America cameo, as it tries to find its master, Creel, again. 

Once it does, Masterson’s hammer also seems to have its own identity, as it seeks out Absorbing Man.

Meanwhile, Titania is drinking in a bar when she sees Creel on TV and literally bursts out of her trenchcoat disguise.

Masterson’s general incompetence as a super-hero and his lack of knowing anything about Crusher Creel’s past (again, very strange–Masterson doesn’t seem to have Thor’s knowledge but does have the ability to use his hammer, powers, and body) is apparent throughout the story.

Anyway, they fight a while and then “Thor” sees that Absorbing Man and Titania are a thing now and want to go straight, so he lets them go.


At the end of the issue, Hercules, who is living in Masterson’s apartment, hears about the battle and decides Masterson needs lessons on how to be a super-hero God. Hercules-as-tutor will begin next issue, which is a great idea. I’m just having so much trouble accepting this new Thor.

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