X-FORCE #97-98 (1999): Reignfire dies

We finally learn why Selene has been stalking Sunspot: She wants his help preventing Dr. Chandra’s gang from using a golem left by the Celestials to alter humanity’s genetic code—and they’re using Reignfire to do it.  By the end of the issue, Reignfire and the Golem are both destroyed.  Although that technically supports her efforts to stop the revival of the Golem, Selene is mad because she still wanted to use Reignfire in the future.  The rest of us, however, are happy never to see Reignfire again.

Selene is so mad that she plays mindgames with Sunspot for most of issue #98. 

Turns out, she’s allied with Blackheart and offers Sunspot a deal: If he joins her new Hellfire Club, she will bring Juliana Sandoval—Sunspot’s first girlfriend who was killed accidentally way, way back in Marvel Graphic Novel #4 (the first appearance of the New Mutants).

But of course there’s a twist…she returns to life when her soul is sent into the body of a brain-dead accident victim in a Baltimore E.R., and will never remember being Juliana Sandoval.

That is some dark $#!t right there.

Issue #97 is more X-Ternals stuff, and the less we say of it the better.  But overall these issues end the Damocles foundation storyline and present an interesting new storyline for Roberto. 

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